Andy McConnell

Sessions: Résumé Golf


Andy has coded in at least 10 different programming languages over a career that includes test automation, embedded devices, desktop applications, enterprise applications, pig farming, and web service architecture. In 2012 he entered the field of consulting and finally found his calling as a code cowboy for hire. Now as a Senior Consultant for Fusion Alliance he enjoys pitting his breadth of experience against all kinds of new and different problems.

Andy’s recent projects include a social network for biotech investors, a distributed data warehouse, a multimedia museum kiosk system, and a visual product configurator for sports helmets. He also manages a team of ridiculously talented consultants and is constantly reading resumes and interviewing candidates to find even more talent. His side projects are an aimless mishmash of shoehorning functional programming techniques into JavaScript and building Rube Goldberg machines out of AWS Lambda functions.