Bobby Earl

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bobby-earl631I grew up in a very rural town in South Carolina. I mean really small, like no stop lights small. My dad’s been the mayor for almost 20 years now. I graduated from Winthrop University in 2005 with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in physics. Shortly after graduating, I started at the College of Charleston as a web administrator. A few years there lead me to a local government agency, where I wrote a training platform in Actionscript, and then rewrote it in HTML/CSS/JS when the iPhone came out.

I married my college girlfriend in 2007. We have 2 young boys. Thanks to a t-shirt for an event my wife attended, we know we first met at a party on the exact same day our first son was born, except 7 years earlier. Great thing about having 2 young boys is I get to keep the same interests I’ve always had – LEGO bricks, sports, cartoons.

Being in front of a computer screen has always felt like the right place for me. I remember my first computer – the Tandy 1000 from Radioshack. Playing Load Runner, Mickey Mouse, and Leisure Suit Larry (what was my dad thinking?!) are great memories. Transitioning into the dial-up days, making my first website on Geocities gave me many wonderful late nights. Definitely a fun and creative time to be involved with technology. Aside from almost pursuing a musical degree, computer science was a great fit. I enjoy the feeling designing software or a website gives me. I’m still known to get wrapped up in coding something and pull all-nighters.