Christopher McCulloh

Sessions: Designing for developers developing for designers

I’m not really 100% sure what my first computer was, but I do remember my first program. I was 9 years old and my brother had discovered this thing called “Q-Basic”. It had these neat little games “Nibbles” and “Guerrillas”. Then we discovered we could write our own. My summer was shot. I knew how to use GOTO, PRINT and IF THEN statements like nobodies business. I wrote a magical fantastical text adventure that I would present to my brother at the end of each day for him to discover the next path of his destiny, before he in turn presented me with his adventure. We would pour over the in-program help manual and each-other’s code learning techniques and tricks and fixing bugs. When he found out how to control the PC speaker and draw rudimentary shapes it was like we had died and gone to heaven. This began a love affair with computer programming that has lasted the rest of my life so far.