Corinna Cohn

Sessions: Refactoring AngularJS

Corinna Cohn has been creating websites since 1995 and has been involved with web application development on and off since 2000 writing apps for radio stations, research projects, scientific publishing, and business-to-business. Corinna began as a designer and grew into development and is a self-taught programmer. After burnout from the dot-bomb era, Corinna left full-time development to run a retail store, attain a bachelor’s degree, and drop out of law school, but through all that time continued to work on freelance and personal software projects. Over the past several years Corinna has worked with Backbone, Ember, and Angular designing and writing single page applications. Corinna has written ugly, unmaintainable code, but is now working to bring the principles of clean code, unit tests, and high-quality refactoring into the realm of JavaScript web applications.