David Brainer-Banker

Sessions: User experience in a multi-framework world

David Brainer-Banker wrote his first line of code in early elementary school after his grandfather bought him a book (with accompanying compiler on floppy disk!) that introduced him to the wonders of BASIC. His early efforts included an “online” banking system, served off a Mac Plus, for when the neighborhood kids played town, a home-brew BBS, and various text-based games. He’s been a nerd ever since.

In 2008, David graduated university with a degree in Graphic Design, to which he later added a smattering of master’s level courses in Human-Computer Interaction. Since then he has worked on applications for healthcare, banking, and government clients, primarily on the engineering side but with a strong focus on User Experience. He is currently a senior engineer at Salesforce on the UX Architecture team based out of Indianapolis.