Josh Brown

Sessions: Developing for iOS without falling into the Massive View Controller trap

Josh is the founder of Roadfire Software, an iOS training and consulting company that focuses on building apps that are good for people and good for the earth. He started building software in 2007 just before the original iPhone was released. He developed some pretty boring backends for a couple years before realizing he’d really enjoy building iPhone apps. He taught his first iPhone development class in late 2009, and worked on his first real iPhone project a few months later. He quit his full-time job in 2010 to build a company focused exclusively on iOS development and has been training and consulting for iOS ever since. He’s trained and consulted for some big companies you might have heard of and some small companies you probably haven’t – but wherever he goes, he enjoys being able to teach people new tricks. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids and growing fruit and vegetables in his front yard.