Meet The Organizers

So here are the organizers of the Dev Workshop Conference. Their goal is to train individuals on new technology and help them succeed in their careers.

Todd Shelton



Todd Shelton is a frontend web developer that loves to share his knowledge of all things web. He is an author for Pluralsight and is a faculty member at IUPUI in Indianapolis, IN. Todd has also written a book called Best Practices in Digital Media.

Todd enjoys doing freelance projects for clients where he typically makes mobile and web applications.

In his spare time, Todd enjoys playing with his son and making salsa from his garden.

Scott Williams



Scott Williams is a UX Developer in Indianapolis with a passion for cross pollinating disciplines for compounded benefit throughout the city. He’s currently working in software, but has a background in graphic design, photography, and advertising.

Before Dev Workshop, Scott started a small adult education program called 404 Club: Career Not Found to teach local designers the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In addition to formal employment and duties at Dev Workshop, he consults for his brother’s leather working company Jack Heinz Co. and sits on the Ivy Tech Portfolio Review Board twice a year to critique and advise exiting graphic design, photography, and web design students.

In his free time he enjoys cooking, DIY electronics, book binding, woodworking, camping, and kayaking.