New and Exciting World of Gaming

by Mathew A. Powers

Session (50 Minutes)

The world of gaming is in the throws of major change with advanced technologies only seen in science fiction invading the world of gaming while at the same time traditional analog gaming is making a solid comeback. New and inventive board games are being created right alongside games for the Oculus Rift and technologies that were only dreamed of years ago. Virtual reality is meeting actual hover boards head on and game makers are faced with a plethora of choices like never before. This talk by Lecturer Mathew A. Powers explores where games are going and how cutting edge technology and traditional game practices and theory are helping to shape that future. Mr. Powers has been a lecturer of video game at the IU School of Informatics and Computing for 9 years and has put on Augmented Reality Games for GenCon, IndyPopCon,and IndyComicCon and uses his classes to explore all aspects of gaming and where they might go.