Stephen James

Sessions: Working in a Glass-Walled Factory

Sessions: Barbarians at the Gates

Tagline: An empathetic, user-centered front-end engineer developing tools that scale to empower others

You know you’re not supposed to trust a guy with two first names, right? Well, Stephen, a.k.a.- Llama, is the exception that proves the rule. Spanning the gap between “what could be”​and “what has to be” on a search for beauty and simplicity within complex SaaS applications, he is an engineer embedded in a design studio supporting Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s application platform. With a solid programming foundation and an intuition for usability, his heart is where a great user experience tangoes with engineering to create a happy customer.

He is experienced at engineering design systems and passionate about documentation. He loves finding ways to scale. One change can empower hundreds of employees and save numerous effort-hours. He enjoys learning new languages, technologies and techniques and is excited to be in a field that changes every day.

When not using his superpowers to save the world from poorly-implemented applications, Stephen is curious about most topics, but sincerely enjoys enjambed free verse poetry, travel photography–particularly mountainous areas, any item on a BoardGameGeek list, and empowering recent immigrants to the U.S. with English lessons. Also, he recently developed an itch for skiing that’s difficult to scratch in Indiana. Oh, then there’s the tea obsession…don’t get him started.

He, his wife, Rachel Steely, who is a purple-haired oil painter, and their son Crispin Pascal live in Indianapolis, Indiana.