Travis Faas

Sessions: Prepare your eyeballs for virtual reality

Always on the lookout for something different and new, focus is not a key attribute of Travis Faas. In his numerous past lives that may have been as short lived as a goldfish’s memory span, he has investigated the social properties of augmented reality, made singing applications, developed and released multimedia websites for NBA teams, taught about the fascinating properties of virtual worlds, wrote a book on making HTML5 games, and started a thousand tiny projects that now clutter his hard drive with seemingly no other use than making sure every bit is claimed.

Currently he’s wandered into the realm of VR like every poor lost soul, and is looking into investigating some of the effects that current VR technology has on social presence, and how it can bring people closer together while being separated by head mounted displays. When he’s not wondering about that, you might find him looking for the perfect introduction to computer programming for beginners of all different walks of life.