Utilizing ES6 in React

by Kelly Andrews

Session (50 Minutes)

With the ECMAScript 6 approval in June of this year, we add amazing new functionality like standardized promises, block scoping and classes. While these may not be fully implemented in browsers, using transpilers like Babel allows us to utilize the updated syntax today. Utilizing ES6 in React is quite different than what you may be used to. Constructors are required, methods are created differently, and prop types are defined outside of the class definition. Sure it’s strange, but the benefits of migrating your code to ES6 outweigh any negatives, and will future proof your code. In this talk, I will cover how you can get started with ES6 today, some of the major changes to look out for, the pieces that are just not possible and tips on working around them, and the code improvements you will see by making the switch.