Working in a Glass-Walled Factory

by Stephen James

Session (50 Minutes)

Some possible topics to be covered: Who’s your audience: aligning work goals/open source community balance? The issues of creating in a “white lab coat lab” environment. Am I really following semver? Doing chores: Maintaining often means writing the prose of documentation and release notes more than slinging code. It often means more reviewing code than writing code. When to break things and the aftermath. I built my house on a pre-fabricated foundation called Bootstrap, how do I move it off? Pull request your own code–and have someone else review it. Be humble. Be open to being wrong, there are 5000 people getting notices of your pull requests. Don’t be afraid to be wrong: no egos allowed. The easiest thing to do is come up with reasons why something won’t work–instead, try to come up with ways to meet everyone’s needs. The project has arrived…now how do I sunset this?